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Rose Hack is UC Riverside's 24-hour hackathon, one of the few women-centric hackathons in California! Founded by the female leaders of the Women in Computing (WINC) and the Society of Women Engineers (SWE).

Rose Hack's mission is to encourage individuals from underrepresented groups in STEM to gain experience, create strong networks, and build amazing projects through their shared passions in science and technology.

Rose Hack welcomes both undergraduate and high school students for a lively weekend filled with innovation, discovery, networking, mentorship, and so much more!



Ashley Kim


Hallie Pham


Annabelle Le


Angelika Bermudez


Samarth Srinivasa


Nicole Garcia


Bonnie Yeh


Samantha Niño


Cindy Do

Web Dev

Andre Amante

Web Dev

Divyank Shah

Web Dev


Menthy Wu

Jasmita Yechuri

Ashwin Jagadish

Jenny Dao

Souhita Thota

Suhani Chaudhary

Rudy Cazares

Kay Vo

Felix Maass

Mrinalini Venkatachalam

Sneha Panda

Isabelle Celo

Huong Le

Adreyan Distor

Zijun Wang

Trisha Agrawal

Suryateja Duvvuri


Rose Hack is Inland Empire’s first women-centric hackathon. Our goal is to bring together underrepresented groups in STEM, such as females and people of color, to encourage a unique network and create innovative projects through their shared passion in STEM.
We welcome students to come out and hack with us.
Registration is accessible on the website.
Applications are due by midnight on Friday, January 13, 2023. In order to participate, be sure to submit an application before the deadline.
Of course! You will be allowed to attend workshops, listen to some wonderful speakers, and best of all, win great prizes. And fine, we won’t stop you if your other reason for attending will be for the free food and swag that is provided.
Rose Hack will take place over the course of 2 days, running from January 14 to January 15.
Rose Hack will take place in Winston Chung Hall at the University of California, Riverside.
It’s more the reason to come and experience a hackathon! You can learn from the various workshops, speakers, and mentors, and they can help guide a personal project of your choice if you want!
Just yourself, your device of choice (i.e your PC or laptop), and don’t forget a charger.
No, your project must be brand new and started only once the event has started at 9AM PST. Projects started before that time or have been submitted to other hackathons will be disqualified. It’s your time to start a project fresh and unique to Rose Hack, so get creative and have fun with it.
No, you can work independently if you wish. If you do want to join a team, there is a limit of 4 people per team!

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